Lived Religion

Lived Religion : Faith and Practice in Everyday Life

av Meredith B. McGuire

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Kontakta säljaren: 0707874721
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  • Utgiven:2008
  • Utgivare:New York ; Oxford : Oxford University Press

The divergence of religious practices from one individual to another has long baffled scholars of contemporary religion, whose research often assumes that individuals commit, or refuse to commit, to an entire institutionally defined package of beliefs and practices. Social surveys typically ask respondents to self-identify by denominational or other broad religious categories. Sociologists attempt to measure religiosity according to how well individuals conform to the official religious standards, such as frequency of church attendance, scripture-reading, or prayer. In this book, Meredith McGuire points the way forward to a new way of understanding and studying religious behavior. Rather than try to fit people into prearranged packages, she argues, scholars must begin to study religion as it is actually lived and experienced in people's everyday lives.